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From David V. (2/28/2013)


From: Paul R., Everett, WA

Erik Smith is nothing less than a Renaissance man when it comes to vehicle-transport and RV/trailer installation operations. On a bread-and-butter level, Erik (and his powerful truck) have the strength and stamina to undertake major long-haul transporting journeys that involve one vehicle (or several) - making the most efficient possible use of time. And Erik can just as efficiently move entire dealers' lots of vehicles from one place to another, on a shorter-distance basis.

But in my experience, it is in the area of one-on-one trailer/RV installation operations that Erik's totally awesome range of capabilities really stands out.

When I was taking a look at a fifth-wheel trailer that Erik had moved to a temporary resting place last year (driving over narrow bridges and back-mountain roads, covering a distance of about forty miles, to get the RV to our new mountain home), as soon as I checked the level gauges it became clear that the bubbles were still dead-center after six months' time.

But Erik's amazing range of multiple skills really came to the fore when the time to move the same fifth-wheel to a more permanent spot on the property.

The operation was logistically complex, and when Erik had settled on a specific plan, after carefully considering all of the options, Erik operated a logger's chain-saw to take out a previously downed, four-foot-thick (and very lengthy) tree-trunk, after which he resolved issues with some other foliage with a variety of tools.

Then Erik really got down to it, when he used a powerful Kubota back-hoe/front-loader shovel combo to move a ton of earth to open the path left by the tree-removal, to level the necessary ground for the RV, and even to demo out a derelict shed that was basically just an intrusion and eyesore on the property.

Erik also used the rented equipment to take out some dead trees that had nothing directly to do with the RV operation - just because it needed to be done, and because he knew we were dropping hard-earned money on the rented equipment.

Operating the hydraulic struts on the back-hoe like tripods, using the shovel like a gripping arm - Erik's skilled moves were sometimes almost like those of a dancer when it came to advanced back-hoe/shovel operations.

Later, after carefully positioning and leveling the trailer (which required a series of delicate backing operations, made possible by the sturdy fifth-wheel hitch on Erik's truck), Erik even got the communications in the RV and the high-speed Internet working at the new location, pulling out a set of electrician's tools in the process.

Throughout all of the tree-cutting, earth-moving, and miscellaneous demo-ing operations with the chain-saw and Kubota tractor, Erik was conscientious when it came to factoring in a dump-run and other disposal issues, and in moving some remaining debris (like piles of dirt awaiting future re-distribution on the property in the months ahead) well away from all of our neighbors' properties.

Erik Smith has a great personality, and he just radiates honesty and integrity at every turn. When it became clear that he had underbid this particular job (at least in terms of the hours he was putting in, to make sure that it got done right), he still honored the bid.

This was a very reasonable bid, but nevertheless, with the equipment-rental and other complications, it was already at the very edge of what we could afford. Buy Erik's honesty, integrity, and awesome attitude provided the motivation for us to cover - unhesitatingly and very, very gratefully - some extra equipment rental, the necessary dump-run, and even a hotel room one night for Erik.

The end result was what counts most - the best possible configuration for a long-term trailer installation, a configuration that will be appreciated month after month in the course our daily lives.

Ocobter 20, 2014 from John B.

"Erik was amazing when hauling my trailer. Not only did he haul it, he helped me set it up. Absolutely the most professional 5th wheel hauler that I've ever worked with!"

November 16, 2014 from Harmony L.

"What a night in shining armour! No kidding, Prince Erik went above and beyond and way out of his way to haul my camper and even help set up. Awesome dude, he's well equipped and prepared and he definitely knows what he's doing. Thank you so much!"

December 3, 2014 from Brad B.

"Thank you Hillbilly Transport! You are truly professional and courteous. My Story: It was a late afternoon on a Sunday and I had to move my 32' 5th wheeler at the last minute. Erik was professional on the phone, professional in person, and more than helpful. I even paid him a bit extra because he went above and beyond. His rates are reasonable and fair. Hillbilly Transport is a licensed hauler, and if you need someone to haul for you, there are advantages to hiring someone who is licensed. My 5th wheel didn't have current tags, but due to him being licensed, he was able to put his transport plates on and haul it for me. His truck is very well kept and he is prepared with tools and equipment needed to do the job right. He will be the only person I call for any kind of vehicle transport, and I more than recommend him! Thanks, again, Erik!"

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